Across the Obelisk: Nenukil, the Engineer


Nenukil, the Engineer is a Hero Pack that introduces a brand new Scout class character with a powerful gameplay mechanic and a unique dynamic skin. Unlock a pet with a potent debuff ability and discover untold tales of one of the heroes of The Obsidian Uprising.

Nenukil, the Engineer Hero Pack contains:

  • The Nenukil hero: a Scout-class dwarf character with an exclusive gameplay mechanic.
  • An adaptable hero. Reach level 3 with Nenukil and choose between his Double Barrel or Mounted Cannon traits—focus on dealing damage or prioritize defense.
  • A new type of dynamic character skin that changes in-game depending on whether you select Nenukil’s Double Barrel or Mounted Cannon abilities.
  • Three additional skins in total for your new hero.
  • Floaty, Nenukil’s trusty robot sidekick—a standalone pet that can remove enemies' Taunt and Powerful abilities.
  • Three new themed card backs.
  • Five emotes for swift co-op collaboration with your party.
  • Custom replies for in-game events—learn more about Nenukil, his heroic deeds during the Obsidian Uprising and his deep friendship with Queen Amelia.

Bring all-new deckbuilding possibilities to the world of Senenthia with Nenukil, the Engineer.

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