Build. Quest. Conquer. The infinite procedurally generated world of Necesse is full of mysteries to uncover as you grow your settlement and lead expeditions against pirate kings, dragons, and fallen wizards alike. Will you spend your days crawling through dungeons, searching for treasures and raw materials with which to craft your equipment? Or will you answer the call to adventure, traversing the seas and seeking out great foes to test your prowess? Recruit settlers with particular skills and work alongside them to mine a wide variety of ores, craft gear tailored to your preferred playstyle, and establish a flourishing village.

Play singleplayer or co-op - or establish a dedicated server with hundreds of other players. The world is infinite and adapts to whatever mode you choose.

Grow your settlement from humble beginnings, establishing orchards, farms, and workshops alike. Recruit settlers that can work your fields, tend to your animals, and acquire resources without needing your constant attention and supervision. Use their expertise to help prepare for your next expedition as they expand your settlement's capabilities. Hire guards and craft traps to defend against the many dangers of the world. Sell your wares and use your wealth to trade with neighboring settlements, acquiring much needed equipment well ahead of what would otherwise be possible.

Whether playing alone or with a few friends, or even creating a dedicated server for hundreds of players, the world of Necesse and its threats adapt to provide a meaningful challenge. Explore freely or take on specific quests as you face off against unique monsters spread across a variety of biomes. Will you be a deadeye archer, a melee champion, or a master of the magical arts? Will you and your friends establish separate competing colonies, or will you pool your resources and divide roles to build a giant settlement together? When faced with a tough boss, will you team up to form a carefully balanced party with powerful synergies, or will you attempt to steal all the glory for yourself?

Cut down trees, mine and process ores, pick herbs, and harvest the bodies of defeated monsters to craft everything from walls and furniture to armor, potions, scrolls, trinkets, and weapons. While some unique equipment can only be acquired by defeating special enemies, everything else can be crafted through a multitude of workshops to equip yourself, your visiting friends, and your loyal settlers. Unlock additional gear as you acquire new resources and discover countless ways to craft, build, and play – endless combinations of equipment means there's always something new to try.

Play as you want, customizing difficulty and multiple gameplay rules to fit your preferences. If you don’t like raiders showing up at your settlement, turn them off, and fine-tune gameplay rules like the length of the day/night cycle or the difficulty of boss battles however you like. From pet parrots and penguins to genie lamps, ostrich mounts, and unique outfits, Necesse has countless options to explore. Whether you're playing singleplayer or with friends, and whether you’re cranking up the difficulty or taking it easy, each session is an opportunity to weave an epic tale unlike any that came before it.

Languages other than English are partially translated by the players.
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